James Mason


“ James is one of the most natural and musical of Jazz fiddle players”

Matt Glaser - Director of Berklee College of Music

At age 11 James entered his first fiddle contest and at age 13 began learning Texas Style fiddling from the legendary Benny Thomasson while keeping within earshot of Swing and Jazz... always inspired by Bob Wills, Stephane Grappelli, and Joe Venuti.

Throughout his career James has played and recorded Bluegrass, Country, Swing and Jazz and over the years has taught at a number of camps and  workshops including the Ashokan Fiddle and Dance in New York.

James currently resides in the Portland area and is active in two Gypsy jazz bands, Swing Papillon and Everything’s Jake. Both of which feature the music  of Django Reinhardt.

For thirty years James has been repairing, restoring, and making violin bows at the David Kerr Violin Shop in Portland, OR.

James CD’s

Sweet Baboo - CD Baby - James accompanying Scott Foster

Cactus Setup - James  withe Rebecca Kilgore

Spotlight - James with John Stewart on 7-string Guitar